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Bring a touch of 'Spirit' to your home!

Bring a touch of 'Spirit' to your home!

George is an Australian Indigenous creative, and collaborator with renowned Australian artist and homewares designer Kelly Lane. The two have joined forces to craft a new distinctive homewares collection “Spirit“ inspired by Indigenous patterns and George's passion for colour and nature.

George discovered his artistic calling within the dynamic realm of design, drawing inspiration from his deep appreciation for colour, his Indigenous heritage, and a profound connection to nature.

George was intrigued by the world of pottery introduced to him by his wife who has embraced pottery as a hobby. This newfound interest sparked the idea to collaborate with the Kelly Lane team in creating an expressive and aesthetically pleasing range of homewares.

George envisioned producing homewares that seamlessly blends functionality with beauty. Teaming up with Kelly and the design crew, he aspired to create homewares that not only serve practical purposes at the dining table but also convey a powerful message, reminding people that, amidst life's challenges, home and family provide a beautiful, unwavering anchor. For George, these creations in our newest Spirit range transcend mere decoration; they serve as poignant reminders of the enduring strength within family bonds and the timeless beauty discovered amid life's tribulations.

George Pullens heritage is the Jagara tribe, The Jagara people are the Australian First Nations people who speak the Yuggera language, Yugara lands encompass the area around the Brisbane River. George’s creative direction is officially certified by the Jenwakka and Janung BA Outreach Service, affirming the authenticity and cultural significance of his creations. This certification underscores the value of George's influence in preserving and sharing Indigenous Australian heritage. Through this new homeware range, George Pullen extends an invitation for others to partake in the joy of creation, find beauty in imperfections, and celebrate the enduring spirit of family and connection

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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